Ricardo Molinari founded Halka Industrial during the early 30’s, with the purpose of manufacturing personal hygiene products. Upon formalizing his company in the government offices of the Dominican Republic, the industrial registration no. 12 was assigned.

Soaps, colognes, and vaseline for the hair are the products that the Italo-Puerto Rican businessman formulated to start developing the industry. Brands such as Campana Soap, John Lahoud Cologne and Halka Vaseline were registered, manufactured and marketed immediately. Today, after approximately 84 years, brilliantine Halka is recognized nationally and internationally for its tradition of consumption from generation to generation.

In the early 70’s, Antonio Esteban restructures the entire manufacturing process, investing in advanced production processes and managing along with Shulton Incorporated USA, to achieve the representation, production and distribution of the world renowned brand Old Spice.

In the late 80’s, the third generation of the family joins Esteban Molinari with the incorporation of Isabel Esteban, a Summa Cum Laude graduate in Business Administration, who immediately occupies the role of Administrative Vice President of Halka Industrial.

During the mid-90’s, the marketing expert Ricardo Esteban joins Halka Industrial to expand the Sales Department nationally, while increasing distribution capacity. In addition, he developes the advertising, promotion and marketing department, which modernizes and adapts the corporate image to support culture and sports programs nationwide.


In 2005, Virginia Esteban, a Magna Cum Laude graduate in Psychology, with a Master’s in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from San Diego State University, joins the team. After her incorporation, she develops the Organization Development and Human Resources Department, were she works as a Human Resources Manager.

In the same year, the Chemical Engineer Francisco Cordero, joins the Research and New Formulas Development team, to serve as consultant of the production and quality processes department, bringing over 40 years of experience in cosmetics and dermal care to the organization.

Halka Industrial continues to make progress in the development of new products, while introducing the youthful line Chiki Halka, unique on the market and created for children between the ages of three to fifteen years old.

In 2006, the first Baba de Caracol hairline was launched, managing to internationalize the company exports to over 15 countries and opening doors to beauty lines such as La Plancha and Chocolacio.

In our continuing development and expansion plan, we have invested heavily in the acquisition of automated production machines that enable us to meet the demands generated by the launch of new product categories in which we had not incurred, such as the decorative cosmetic line, HK Color Cellophanes, Nail Polishers and Permanent Powder Dyes, Relaxer Keratinex NO LYE kit, Halka Gel Sachets for the develop of the ranchería market and convenience stores and the innovative argan conditioner, Mega Mix.

In 2013, the Chemical Engineer Delfin Cabral and Fagenia Abreu, responsible for Trade Marketing, join the team bringing their quality management stamp and enthusiasm, while offering a new dimension of actions that contributes to the growth of the sales and production.

Starting 2014, we launched three new lines: Aguazul, Macadamia & Collagen and El Abono Hair Treatment Masque that helps prevent hair loss. Today, we are Halka Industrial, modern industry leader in the manufacturing of cosmetics and personal care products in the Dominican Republic.


To provide to the families beauty and personal hygiene solutions and sensations, while developing excellent and innovative products, integrating the talents of our employees, and acting responsibly towards our community, customers and the environment.


We are recognized as excellence ambassadors of the Dominican beauty and personal care products for the families of our country, America and the Caribbean.


Honesty: We are transparent and respectful to our community, partners and customers.

Quality: We work effectively and efficiently to meet the requirements of our customers.

Innovation: We work permanently in search of new trends and the continuous improvement of our processes, products and services.

Teamwork: We integrate the strengths of our employees to successfully achieve a common goal.

Commitment to the Environment and the Community: We care and we are committed to environmental and social causes and therefore we develop actions plans for their protection and conservation.



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